360 Product Photography App

If you’re looking to take your product photography to the next level, consider implementing the Foldio360 and 360-degree product view software into your setup. With this innovative application, you can do more than just capture rotating images — you can also customize them to your exact preferences using many adjustable controls and interactive features. With the Foldio360 app, producing eye-catching and professional 360-degree photos has never been easier.

Once you customize your photos of products with the Foldio360 app, you can move them to SPINZAM. SPINZAM is a companion website to the app that allows you to store your files and embed them on social media or your website for touchable and rotatable viewing. This tool is a free resource where you can host your photos and foster a 360-degree interaction experience to captivate and engage your product’s audience.

As the first company to ever create foldable photo studios and accessories, ORANGEMONKIE, INC offers the best 360-degree product photography software on the market.

How Can an App Capture 360-Degree Images?

The Foldio360 app is a powerful tool that connects to your smartphone or DSLR camera. This photo software innovation automates the 360-degree photography process.

All you need is your smartphone or camera, the Foldio360 app, the Foldio360 turntable and any backdrop or lighting you have in mind. You can get started by placing the product on the turntable and syncing to the app with Bluetooth. As the product spins, the app will tell the table when to stop. At the same time, it will tell your camera when to capture a photograph. This process will continue until you’ve taken enough photos to create a seamless image.

For example, the camera could rotate 72 degrees, take a single shot and repeat the process five times. Five 72-degree rotations will add up to a 360-degree product photo. The ideal number of pictures taken in the rotation will depend on the product. You can choose from 24 frames up to 72 frames. You can also manually rotate the turntable or enter any custom number of degrees between 0-360 that you might want to rotate.

This process is more involved than lining up several pictures side by side. Each photo will have its own separate lighting, movement, timing, field of view and other factors to align. That’s where the Foldio360 app makes a major difference.

Every two images will have a control point where product photography software can stitch the photos together. Over time, the control points on all of the photos will allow the photography software to generate a smooth transition from one image to the next. The greater the overlap at this point, the smoother the join of the pictures will be.

The stability of the Foldio360 base with the perfectly timed photos synchronized by the app will help the software stitch the 360-degree photo together during the editing phase.

Foldio360 Application

Interactive 360-Degree Images Quickly and Easily

Create 360-degree images with Foldio360 smart turntable and Foldio360 app. The app has various features to enhance your 360-degree interactive product photography.

Foldio360 Smart Turntable Interlock System

Foldio360 app works with Foldio360 smart turntable. Connect your smartphone to Foldio360 via Bluetooth. The Foldio360 can also link to DSLR camera by infra-red remote mode to create 360-degree interactive images.

Single Shot Mode

Use the Foldio360 app without the Foldio360 turntable for single shots. Change the shot proportion to 1:1 or 3:4 within the app.

How to Use the Foldio360 With Our 360-Degree Product View Software

You can connect the 360 view creator to the Foldio360 turntable quickly and easily for instant 360-degree photography. To use this innovative app, all you have to do is follow five simple steps:

  1. Set up your Foldio photo studio.
  2. Place the Foldio360 turntable inside the lightbox and turn it on.
  3. Launch the 360 product photography app to instantly capture your 360-degree image.
  4. Upload the photo to SPINZAM.
  5. Share your photos anywhere.

Choose Your Control Mode

When you open the Foldio360 product photo software, you’ll have access to four different application modes that you can choose from based on your photography device and image requirements. These settings allow for the most tailored 360 photography experience individualized to your needs.

You can create your 360-degree photos using any of the following control modes:

  • Smartphone mode: For this function, the screen is separated into two control panels. The top panel features the brightness, color, grid, horizontal axis and help center icons. You’ll find the speed, frame, Halo Edge and rotation commands on the bottom panel.
  • DSLR mode: Begin by conducting a connection test through the app to ensure your Canon, Nikon, Pentax or Sony camera is connected to the Foldio360. Next, you can use the control panel to adjust the speed, frame, rotation and the Halo Edge light system.
  • Video mode: With your smartphone, simply adjust the brightness, speed and number of rotations before hitting the record button to capture your 360-degree video. 
  • Turntable control mode: This mode allows you to manually rotate the turntable left or right while controlling specific movement, speed, brightness and test rotation. You can also choose automatic one-time or continuous rotation.

Make Your Products Stand out With Various Features

Control the brightness of the halo-edge light, shooting speed and number of shooting frames with the app. Use background filter, brightness control and grid to improve your product photography.

Background Filter

Extract the outline of the object and fill background with pure white color


Adjust the exposure to achieve best lighting for your products


Change the color temperature of your photos


Choose from line, circle and horizontal grid to facilitate your photography


Set the speed of the smart turntable by 1x, 2x and 3x


Number of frames for creating a 360-degree image. Choose from 24, 36 or 48 frames

Rotate the smart turntable

Button to rotate the smart turntable 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise

Background Filter

Perfect feature to facilitate your product photography

The background filter automatically extracts outline of object and fills the background with pure-white color. It’s easy to create a clear image of your object using the  background filter.

Resolution Setting

The basic resolution can be set to maximum 1080 × 1080. In addition, you can choose to upgrade the app to use a maximum resolution of 3024 x 3024.

Photo Editing

Edit your photo in the gallery of the app. Create the perfect product photo using various features such as background filter, crop and radar function.

Background Filter

Extract outline of the object and
fill the background with a pure white color.


Detect object shape and automatically move to center to facilitate 360 photography.

Adjust the exposure to create the best photos for your products.
Simply crop the photos by touching the screen to change the ratio among 1:1, 3:4, and 4:3.

Change the color temperature.


Edit photos in the gallery


Upload photos to Spinzam, our 360 image platform to share on your website


Send all image files to email


Delete data in the gallery


This special feature automatically sets the object to be placed on the center point with a click of a button, facilitating your 360 photography work process.

Export Photos and Files

The images taken with the Foldio360 app can be exported and saved in the gallery of your phone. 360-degree images are saved by JPEG/GIF and MP4 video format.

Upload Your Product Photography to SPINZAM

After you’ve edited your files in the app, you can visit our companion website, SPINZAM. This website is a photo storage and hosting tool. SPINZAM will transform your images into touchable, rotatable images at no cost to you. The website can hold up to 360 images for you to share with your customers on product pages. Once you’ve uploaded the images, SPINZAM will create a unique code to embed the images so you can share them on a website, social network or online marketplace.

You can upload directly from your smartphone or DSLR camera to the Foldio360 app and then to SPINZAM for sharing.

How to Use the SPINZAM Website

SPINZAM is user-friendly and easy to access from a smartphone or DSLR camera. It’s important to remember that the interactive 360-degree image is not a unique file format. It’s actually a series of JPG files with programming that tells the photos to work together seamlessly to create a 360-degree view. You can also download each frame image in other file formats like GIF and MP4 after capturing your photos in smartphone mode.

You can share product images from a smartphone in a few steps: 

  • Photograph: The first step is to capture your photos with the Foldio360 turntable. 
  • Upload: Directly upload the 360-degree product image to SPINZAM from the gallery in the Foldio360 app on your smartphone. 
  • Share: You can share a unique code to social networks and seller marketplaces from the website. You’ll also have the option to share the image with an iframe code under the HTML editing mode on your website. 

To upload from a DSLR camera, you can follow these steps:

  • Capture: Take all the product views you need with the Foldio360 turntable and your DSLR camera. 
  • SPINZAM: Upload your content from the camera’s memory card to the “My Page” portal on the SPINZAM website. 
  • Edit: You can edit your pictures and store them on the SPINZAM website for safekeeping. 
  • Embed: You can now generate your unique code to share on platforms like Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Facebook and Instagram.

Benefits of Using Foldio360 Product Photo Software

When you invest in the Foldio360 view creator from ORANGEMONKIE, INC, you’ll experience product photography like you’ve never seen it before. This innovative application has many built-in controls and operational capabilities that’ll help you generate professional-grade 360-degree images in an instant.

Some of the many benefits of our product photography app include:

  • Smartphone compatibility: The Foldio360 app is smartphone-compatible, meaning you don’t have to invest in an expensive camera or professional equipment to capture a high-quality image.
  • User-friendly operation: Our photography solutions are for anyone and everyone — that’s why we designed our 360 product photography app to be simple, straightforward and easy to use. You can capture professional-quality photography without special equipment or extensive training.
  • Complete control: This application enables you to adjust various photography elements in real-time, from brightness to color temperature to rotation speed, giving you the power to create images that reflect your personal standards and specifications.
  • Automatic shooting: The Foldio360 software uses Bluetooth and infrared (IR) sensor connectivity to automatically take photos as the turntable rotates. The app then compiles these individually captured photos into a single 360-degree moving image.

Who Can Benefit From Foldio360-Degree Photography? 

360-degree photography is a unique innovation that recreates the in-person retail experience in e-commerce. The foldable design of the Foldio360 opens a world of new possibilities, especially for small businesses that don’t have the budget for a professional photographer.

The convenience, portability, and user-friendliness of the Foldio360 make it ideal for endless applications. The college student who buys and sells textbooks on Amazon can now snap some quick photos in their dorm room. A single mom with a passion for baking can capture high-quality food photography for her online portfolio. A collector who visits yard sales can take comprehensive photos to prove the authenticity of his collectibles on eBay. 

Larger marketplace sellers on Amazon and eBay can also save on product photography costs and stand out from the competition with the Foldio360. 

Why Choose ORANGEMONKIE, INC for 360-Degree Product View Software?

At ORANGEMONKIE, INC, it’s our mission to create state-of-the-art devices and accessories that revolutionize the way people do product photography. With every solution we develop, we give users another affordable and efficient way to produce professional-quality images that make merchandise stand out. 

When you invest in photography solutions from ORANGEMONKIE, INC, you can expect to receive all of the following perks:

  • Secure checkout: We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology in our checkout process to ensure your personal information is fully secured and protected.
  • One-year warranty: No matter what product you purchase from us, we’ll give you a one-year limited warranty to keep you insured.
  • Fast delivery: When you order from our website, we’ll ship out your purchase on the following workday.
  • Free shipping: Every U.S. domestic order you place comes with free shipping.
  • Ongoing support: We continue to serve our customers even after they receive their products with our after-sales support staff.

Download Now

The Foldio360 application is available on both App Store and Google Play. Please note that most of the features of the app are usable with the Foldio360 smart turntable.

The app also comes with upgradeable, premium settings so you can customize your Foldio360 experience. These bonus features include a background filter, radar and high-resolution support up to 3024 px. 

Keep in mind that the app has some system requirements. The Apple app requires an iPhone 6S or higher, but the ideal model is the iPhone X or higher. The minimum operating system is iOS 10.0, but the best range is 12.0 or higher. The Android app has the best compatibility with the LG V50 ThingQ, Google Pixel 3a, Samsung Galaxy S10/Note 10 or higher. The Android OS also requires a 6.0 or higher, while 12.0 or higher is ideal. 

Take Advantage of the Best 360 Photography Software From ORANGEMONKIE, INC

With the Foldio360 view creator by ORANGEMONKIE, INC, you can generate high-quality 360-degree images that’ll be sure to impress. Our simple but useful solutions help you create professional-grade product photos without spending thousands. We believe that photography should be for everyone. Capture the world around you and share it with your audience. 

To learn more about our products, give us a call at 1-858-397-2105 or email support.us@orangemonkie.com today!