Product Photography Turntable

Foldio360 Smart Turntable

  • Smart turntable for 360 product photography
  • Interactive with smartphones via app
  • Halo edge light system
  • Easy to create 360 images

ORANGEMONKIE, INC Foldio360 Smart Turntable

Product photography brings merchandise to life, accentuates your brand and gives users a more immersive shopping experience. With the right resources, you can produce product photos that highlight your wares in a way that excites and intrigues customers.

With the ORANGEMONKIE, INC Foldio360 smart turntable, you can provide consumers with an impactful viewing experience that’ll stick with them long after they’ve left your website. Our revolving platform enables even the most inexperienced photographers to capture stunning 360-degree product images with simple operation, real-time controls and high-quality lighting systems. Whether you’re a small business owner, e-commerce seller or blogger, the Foldio360 turntable will help you create professional-grade photos that stand out.

Foldio360 Turntable Features

The innovative ORANGEMONKIE, INC turntable is easy to use — simply set up your Foldio studio, place the Foldio360 into the lightbox and turn it on. Then, launch the Foldio360 mobile application to capture your 360-degree image and upload it to SPINZAM. That’s it! Once you’ve uploaded your photo, you can share and use it anywhere.

The Foldio360 complete set turntable comes equipped with all of the following features:

  • Smart turntable device with Halo Edge light system
  • Foldio360 app
  • Turntable adapter kit
  • Online platform access through SPINZAM
  • Product instructions

Why Should You Take 360-Degree Photographs?

Clear 360-degree images give customers a visual representation of what a product looks like in full. People who shop online can’t touch your items, so it’s beneficial to give them photographs of how they look from every angle. Customers can more easily imagine holding or using your product in real life with a 360-degree image.

For any product that has designs on multiple sides or different compartments and pieces, 360-degree photography will ensure your buyer can see it all.

How Do You Take a 360-Degree Photograph With a Turntable Photo Studio?

360-degree photography uses a series of still photos of a product in sequence to create a specialized image of it in full. The smartphone or camera remains stationary and snaps the photos while a motorized turntable spins. An app tells the turntable when to move to create a seamless image with the timing of the photographs. You’ll need a lighting solution like the Foldio360 Smart Dome and a background to create a high-quality 360-degree picture. 

The turntable stops at certain intervals, and the software triggers the camera to shutter the picture. For example, if you want to take a 360-degree picture with 24 frames, the turntable will take the first image and rotate 15 degrees. After completing this process 24 times, you’ll have a 360-degree image. 

You can use the Foldio360 app to edit your image and upload it to SPINZAM for free hosting and interactivity. When a customer opens their browser to view your picture, the browser will place the photos in sequence so the user can rotate, pan and zoom. 

How Does the Foldio360 App Work?

Our team created the first foldable turntable, and we designed the Foldio360 app as an innovative companion. You can pair the Foldio360 app with your smartphone or DSLR camera via Bluetooth. The connection syncs the 360-degree shots in time with the movement of the turntable. The app also allows you to control the brightness and color temperature of the image in real time.

The app provides simple, intuitive controls for easy editing. You can also take advantage of in-app purchases of premium features — like background filters to make the backdrop pure white and radar to relocate the object to the center of the frame. You can also upgrade your app to take images with quality from 1080 px to 3024 px. 

SPINZAM is a free companion website where you can create touchable and rotatable images. Once you’ve edited your images in the app and you’re satisfied with them, you can upload your files to SPINZAM. The website will store and host the image, providing you with a unique code to embed an interactive version of your image on your website or social network. You can also share it to popular marketplace platforms like Amazon, Shopify, eBay and Etsy.

Who Should Take 360-Degree Photographs? 

Any business can benefit from premium 360-degree photography to showcase its products. The compact size and unique accessibility of the Foldio360 setup make it ideal for business owners who may not have access to a professional photographer. 

Our photo turntable is ideal for: 

  • Small businesses: Small companies that offer products on platforms like Amazon and eBay should use 360-degree photographs. This outstanding feature can help to set you apart as a professional in the minds of consumers.
  • Boutiques: Boutique platforms like Etsy thrive on a creative community with unique and one-of-a-kind items. If you sell in these markets, it’s critical to demonstrate high quality and show your products from all directions.
  • Auctioneers: Auctioneers always have small items coming in and out of inventory. A quick, foldable setup like the Foldio360 photo turntable can help showcase the visual condition of products like collectible baseball cards or comic books.

What Types of Products Should You Take 360-Degree Photos Of?

Several product types benefit from 360-degree photography. Here are just a few examples.

Home Improvement Products and Tools

If you’re selling items that help improve a home’s function or appearance, 360-degree images are a safe bet. Before someone purchases a new lamp, they might want to get an idea of how the whole thing looks or feels. Is the lampshade or base the same all the way around? Providing a 360-degree image allows the viewer a better opportunity to understand your product and imagine it in their space.

The same goes for tools. If you’re buying a drill, you’ll want to know about all of its features and dimensions. 

Toys and Games

When people buy toys or games for the young people in their lives, they want to know exactly what they’re getting. When you provide a 360-degree shot of anything from a play kitchen to a board game, your customers can see how these items would look in real life. When they know all the features, they can determine if it’s the right item for their needs.

Video Game Consoles

You can take 360-degree images of the consoles and controllers users will need to play video games. Providing a 360-degree photo of the controller could give a buyer the idea of how it would feel. A 360-degree image of the console could show your audience where power cables will go. These features can be a challenge to convey in writing. Why not let the image speak for itself?


The fine detail on a piece of jewelry is easy to convey on a compact, motorized turntable. A 360-degree look at a pair of earrings or a ring shows the fine craftsmanship up close. This type of photography can help to recreate the experience of examining a piece of jewelry at an in-person retail location. For example, it can help a man to imagine how an engagement ring will look on his partner’s finger.

Sports Sneakers

Product views of a pair of sneakers can make or break an online purchase. Shoppers looking for high-end sports sneakers want to leave an impression when they walk onto the scene. That’s why they want to look over every detail of the sneaker from lace-to-toe before they buy. They want to know if it will look as good on the court as it will off when they want to hang with friends and family. 

Benefits of the ORANGEMONKIE, INC Foldio360

With the ORANGEMONKIE, INC smart turntable in your arsenal, you can take advantage of these exciting benefits:

  • Professional photo quality
  • Lighting system for boundary line elimination
  • Smartphone compatibility
  • Convenient Bluetooth and IR sensing technologies
  • Fast and simple setup
  • User-friendly operation

You’ll also have access to our innovative Foldio360 app, a powerful tool that allows users to control turntable features, including rotation speed, exposure and frame number and take automatic 360 visuals. Once you’ve captured your image, you can use the app to further edit and modify your picture until it meets your quality standards.

Advantages for Your Business

Taking 360-degree product photos with the Foldio360 motorized lazy Susan can provide several benefits. Providing product photos from every angle can help you:

  • Build trust: New websites and sellers need to build a reputation. Simply seeing a product photo will not cut it for most buyers. If a customer can see every angle of your product, they’ll understand that you take the job seriously and are offering a legitimate product.
  • Decrease returns: Potential customers who can see your product in full are more likely to understand whether your item will meet their needs. Well-lit 360-degree photography decreases the likelihood of returns.
  • Increase awareness: On a website like Amazon or Etsy, your product will appear on a page with other similar items when people are searching. If a potential buyer sees that you have a 360-degree image while other sellers don’t, you can more easily win a sale.
  • Convey detail: If your product has technical details to describe, a 360-degree image can save hundreds of words in explanation. Customers can easily compare your products and make a quick purchase decision rather than becoming bored or confused by long blocks of text. 
  • Recreate interaction: People often go window shopping just to enjoy the activity and end up leaving with a purchase. A 360-degree picture has interactivity, so browsing shoppers will stay engaged on your website and feel they’ve truly experienced your products. They’ll be more likely to buy or to come back to look again if a product stands out in their mind.

Embrace Innovation With the Foldio360 Full Set From ORANGEMONKIE, INC

You can make your product photos pop with the Foldio360 turntable by ORANGEMONKIE, INC. We believe the world of photography should be open to everyone. That’s why we help photography novices capture high-quality images that make an impression without the need for expensive equipment. We’re proud to offer free shipping for any order placed in the United States. With our Foldio360 turntable, any small business owner can take stunning photographs that help boost sales and build their reputation. 

Ready to make a purchase? Browse our extensive catalog to find your ideal photography solution. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to customer service. You can also call us at 1-858-397-2105 or email for more information on our products today!


  • Foldio360
  • Smart turntable device
  • Turntable adapter kit (Only EU/US/UK plugs included)
  • Instructions
  • Foldio360 application
  • 360° image online platform access – SPINZAM

Foldio2 Plus portable studio

  • Studio body with pre-installed LED lighting
  • Top Cover
  • Dimming Controller
  • International Adapter Kit (US, UK, AU and EU)
  • Two Backdrops (white and black)
  • Backdrop Holder
  • Instruction Manual

Foldio3 portable studio

  • 25″ portable studio (mini studio and lightbox) body
  • Triple LED lighting system
  • Dimming controller
  • Power Adapter kit (US, UK, AU and EU)
  • Two backdrops (white and black)
  • Instructions
  • Foldio app (iOS available only)

Halo bars

  • Two Halo bar units
  • Y cable for connecting to Foldio3 dimming controller

Foldio360 Extension Kit

  • Extension Plate
  • Reflector
  • Extension Backdrop

Foldio360 System Requirements

Smartphone Compatibility

Please check the smartphone compatibility before purchasing.

DSLR camera Compatibility

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